Google can remotely unlock Android devices at least 74% of them, if ordered to by authorities, reveals a document prepared by the New York District Attorney’s Office and spotted by TNW.

The document notes that devices running Android 5.0 and newer can’t be remotely reset because they use full disk encryption. Anything older is vulnerable.

“Forensic examiners are able to bypass passcodes on some of those devices using a variety of forensic techniques. For some other types of Android devices, Google can reset the passcodes when served with a search warrant and an order instructing them to assist law enforcement to extract data from the device. This process can be done by Google remotely and allows forensic examiners to view the contents of a device.”

Looking at the Android Developer Dashboard we can see that 74.1% of devices are currently using a version of Android that can be remotely unlocked at any time.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re likely safe. Any device on iOS 8 or higher can’t have its passcode bypassed by Apple and has full disk encryption enabled by default. As of last week, 91% of iOS users were on iOS 8 or higher.

You can read the full Report on Smartphone Encryption and Public Safety at the link below..

Read More [Via TNW]

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