Moto G Safe Mode Instructions : How to enter / exit safe mode?

I had run into my Dad’s Android phone which was switching on and off very frequently on its own. Browsing thru internet gave me a sense of feel that i am not alone.

Due to different version of Android available around. i had a tough time entering safe mode for troubleshooting my problem.

Finally i figured the way to do it as show in the video,

Step 1 : Power Off the Phone

Step 2 : Switch it ON, once its starts to vibrate with the Moto Logo

Step 3 : Press and hold the Volume Down button until it boots to the homescreen.


Coming back to the issue of random reboots.

It’s because of an app installed with the name com.system.patch

It’s a malware/virus that got installed from an unknown source which my dad wasn’t aware of

For this reason, i don’t recommend switching off “Unknown Sources”


That particular added itself to the device administrators list. So it can do all the funky stuff what ever it wants to do on the device.


Login to Safe Mode, and go to apps and remove it completely.

To further analyse for any left over threats, install an Anti Virus program like Kaspersky to scan any threats.

That’s it. Your phone ll be back to normal functioning mode.



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