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AT&T has announced NumberSync, a service that will let you link multiple mobile devices to your primary mobile number. This means in the future you’ll be able to send and receive texts, as well as make and receive calls, from your tablet or wearable using the same number. It will work when your smartphone isn’t with you, nearby or even powered on.

We know you may not want a different phone number for your other devices. Since NumberSync operates in our wireless network, it is not dependent on a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. Your devices don’t need to be near each other and NumberSync will work even if your primary phone is turned off or disconnected from the network.

Because it is a network-based service, NumberSync won’t be limited to just one device or operating system.

Some future uses include:

  • You will no longer need a fitness band and your smartphone to stay connected when you go for a run.
  • Forget your phone on the way to the store? You won’t have to turn around to be able to ask your spouse if eggs should be on your list.
  • Stay connected with your friends on the soccer field on Saturday afternoon even if your phone is in the car.
  • And you can text your boss from across campus when your phone is sitting on your desk and she will know it is you.

AT&T says it’s actively working to integrate NumberSync with future devices. The first NumberSync compatible device will launch fairly soon and additional ones will be available by the holidays.

“We’re taking a standards-based, network approach that will make connecting a wide variety of devices easier to give you a better user experience. Our plan is for NumberSync to become the norm on a variety of our future connected ‘devices.'”


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